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Trip Plan Requests

You can create new trip plan requests using APIs. This is particularly useful when you want to integrate a travel marketing website with Sembark to handle the trip plan requests from marketing site using SembarkA APIs.

Here are the available api requests and their responses


To create a trip plan request, you should send a POST request to the <BASE_URL>/trip-plan-requests endpoint with the required request data. If the request succeeds, you will receive a response with 201 (created) status code with a success message.


'name': string // Guest Name, required (max: 191)
'trip_source': string // Source of the query, required (max: 191)
'phone_number': string // Guest Phone Number, required (max: 191)
'email': string | null // Guest Email, optional (max: 191)
'destination': string | null // Tentative destination, optional (max: 50)
'comments': string | null // Customer comments or any other data, optional (max: 500)
'reference_id': string | null // Any id of your reference, optional (max: 36)


message: "Trip plan request created";

Here are some common implementation of the above request.

curl --location --request POST '<BASE_URL>/trip-plan-requests?name=Traveler Name&phone_number=8000631728&trip_source=Website' \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN_HERE>'